Wine Explorers to import Barta wines to France

Wine Explorers endeavour to constantly broaden the world’s wine horizon, as evidenced by the fact of avid wine aficionado Jean-Baptiste Ancelot having visited close to 100 winemaking countries over the past few years. 

Having obtained an MBA, as well as a Master’s in Wine Marketing and Management from INSEEC, Bordeaux in 2011, Jean first went on to work as a wine consultant in Hong Kong, New York and Zürich before becoming export director for Ferraton Père & Fils in the Rhône Valley.

His love for wine and passion for continuous learning eventually led him to embark on a globetrotting adventure that has by now become known as the Wine Explorers project. His meticulous research brought him to vineyards that strive to revive autochthonous grape varieties. He tasted over 5400 wines from winemakers of 530 wineries in the total of 88 winemaking countries he visited from 2014 to 2018 before writing his book, called ‘Wine Explorers: Le 1er Tour du Monde du Vin’.

The book exploded onto the wine literature scene and brought international recognition to Jean-Baptiste, which has helped him remain a regular contributor to several French and other wine magazines, including Le Figaro Vin, Bettane Desseauve and La Revue Viticole Internationale.

In his exploration of the world’s wine regions, Jean-Baptiste first came to Tokaj six years ago to experience the unique heritage of this region. When he returned in 2017, he was joined by winemaker Vivien Ujvári to gain a deep insight into the Barta estate and its wines and was captivated by the rich history of Mád’s first-class vineyards. Jean’s discernment, thoughtfulness and focus on perfection and continuous improvement have since been an inspiration to Barta Winery.

This year, Barta and the Wine Explorers joined forces to prepare the launch of Barta wines in the French market, and the summer of 2020 saw the first shipment be dispatched to France. These are exciting times, and Barta’s high expectations have eventually been fulfilled as the initial response to their wines in France are even more positive than expected.

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