Former owner of Öreg Király Vineyard visiting Barta Cellar

When buying the Örge Király vineyard site from then owner Tamás Bíró in 2003, Károly Barta made a promise that Tamás would be invited to taste the first Aszú wine from this amazing site 10 years later. While Barta had Aszú wines by 2013, the visit could eventually take place this month, on 15th December […]

Our Szamorodni 2013 in the Mád Kör’s Christmas box

Fourteen wines in the Christmas wine collection box of the Mádi Kör winemakers’ association, including our Szamorodni 2013, are set to be shipped to the association’s supporting members during December. Should you not receive such a box this year, make sure you apply for supporting membership of the Mádi Kör asap to go on the […]

Chris MacDonald and the Old King

Renowned Canadian chef Chris MacDonald against the distant backdrop of the Öreg Király Vineyard on 24th November 2016 – we didn’t expect such good visibility when we set off in the midst of the thick fog that enveloped the lower lying parts of the region…

FurmintUSA’s MS/MW delegation visits Barta Cellar

5th October saw the FurmintUSA’s MS/MW delegation, including James Tidwell MS (Four Seasons Dallas, TEXSOM), Sara Floyd MS (Swirl Wine Brokers California), Keith Goldston MS (Range Restaurant Washington DC), Christy Canterbury MW, Michael Wangbickler (Balzac Communications), as well as László Bálint, Balázs Humayer and Dávid Humayer of FurmintUSA, taste a flight of Barta wines in the […]

Boloud Sud stocks our Furmint 2012

New York-based Boloud Sud now stocks our Furmint 2012 and the FurmintUSA guys are telling us sales are climbing steadily. Boloud Sud specialises in Mediterranean cuisine and is the central one of Michelin-starred French chef Daniel Boulud’s network of restaurants.

Kövérszőlő gets picked first

A tiny amount of Kövérszőlő was the first batch of grapes to arrive at the winery this morning. The bunches were not numerous enough to properly fill even the hydraulic basket press so our new winemaker Vivienn Újvári was left to use the centuries-old stomping method to extract the juice.

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