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Pre-order Öreg Király Dűlő Aszú 2016 now

The first tranche of what is set to be a two-tranche pre-order programme has been launched for Barta Öreg Király Dűlő Aszú 2016, a very special wine of which only 768 bottles were made. Through this pre-order programme, we offer Tokaj lovers an exclusive opportunity to purchase a portion of this exceptional, limited-production 6 puttonyos […]

Wine Explorers to import Barta wines to France

Wine Explorers endeavour to constantly broaden the world’s wine horizon, as evidenced by the fact of avid wine aficionado Jean-Baptiste Ancelot having visited close to 100 winemaking countries over the past few years.  Having obtained an MBA, as well as a Master’s in Wine Marketing and Management from INSEEC, Bordeaux in 2011, Jean first went on […]

Mangalica burger

Mangalica burger with it’s distinct but cream texture requires a confident and complex wine. With our 10th Harvest Old King Vineyard Furmint they make a perfect match! Concentrated profile, with gentle mineralty accompanies the delicate spices and lightly toasted burger buns. The wine’s velvety acid structure brings refreshment to it’s the gently spicy tomato sauce, […]

Szamorodni 2015: Tokaj Tapas Plate

Szamorodni 2015: Tokaj Tapas Plate This mixed tapas plate comprises three equally-proportioned components, including dried charcuterie (matured Mangalitsa ham and Mangalitsa sausage with truffles), cheeses (aged Zemplén hard cheese and cottage cheese marinated with Tokaji Furmint vinegar, thyme and olive oil), as well as marinated or pickled vegetables (roast and pickled bell pepper, as well […]

Furmint 2015: Harangod Mangalitsa Sausage

Öreg Király-dűlő Furmint 2015: Harangod Mangalitsa Sausage in Red Wine Cut the sausage into thick slices and grill quickly with olive oil and a few slightly crushed garlic cloves. Sprinkle with some apple vinegar, balsamic vinegar or Furmint vinegar and roast until almost crusted. Add some light red wine and heat to boil, then mix […]

Egy kis furmint 2019: Black Mussels

Egy kis furmint 2019: Black Mussels with Furmint  Heat up 12 to 15 black mussels with some virgin olive oil and two gently crushed garlic cloves until they start to open their shells. Then add the juice of a quarter of a lemon, a pinch of salt and black pepper as well as around 100 […]

Ronn Wiegand MS/MW on 2017 Barta wines

Ronn Wiegand MS/MW, one of only four people in the world to hold the titles of both Master of Wine and Master Sommelier, rated all three of our 2017 wines he tasted with a minimum of 4 stars out of five in a 2019 issue of his journal Restaurant Wine. Barta Öreg Király-dűlő Furmint 0929 […]

Furmint 2018: Spit-Roast Lemon Mangalitsa

Barta Öreg Király Dűlő Furmint 2018: Spit-Roast Lemon Mangalitsa with Mint and Wild Garlic Bulgur and Goat’s Milk Cheese Crumbles Steam the bulgar wheat and mix with fresh bell pepper, sweet cocktail tomatoes, shallots, mint, parsley and willd garlic and sprinkle with Furmint vinegar, virgin olive oil and freshly-pressed lemon juice. Rub the Mangalitsa fillets […]

Egy Kis Furmint 2019: Hot & Cold Tapas Plate

Egy Kis Furmint 2019: Zemplén ricotta, marinated with Furmint vinegar and fresh green herbs, roasted and marinated bell pepper, pan-fried oyster mushroom and green asparagus, served with roast garlic aioli and toasted rolls Ricotta/ Cut the cheese into larger cubes and sprinkle them with Furmint vinegar. Add thyme, rosemary and virgin olive oil, and let […]

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