Rákóczi-Aspremont Mansion

Bordeaux Suite

This air-conditioned suite, which overlooks the old linden tree in the garden, offers luxurious comfort for 2 to 4 people. Our guests can gather their strength after adventures in the wine region in the canopy bed.

Gold Suite

The restorers paid great attention to the restoration of the original 18th-century ceiling in the bedroom, and the furnishings in the suite harmonise with the sky blue above. The air-conditioned living room and bedroom windows look out over the street.

Bronze Suite

The bedroom window in this elegantly furnished and air-conditioned suite for 2 to 3 people looks out over the street, the living room towards the garden. The extra-large bed will make you feel like a lord.

  • Country breakfast from the pantry
  • All our exclusively furnished suites have a generous, air-conditioned living room and bedroom, plus a private bathroom.
  • We have installed a wine cooler in each suite so you can taste the selected wines of our winery at any time.
  • For uninterrupted peace and calm, there is no television in any of the suites. Those who prefer not to miss out on happenings in the wider world can use the unlimited internet which is available throughout the mansion.
  • In our spacious Cigar Room, complete with modern ventilation you can enjoy our special wines in the company of a top quality cigar.
  • After discovering the natural and cultural treasures of the Tokaj wine region and tasting our outstanding wines, choose a different wavelength: immerse yourself in music in our Music Room and allow yourself to switch off completely.

59,000 HUF for 2 people per suite per night

A surcharge of 14,500 HUF per person applies for any 3rd and 4th occupants (including breakfast).

Minimum booking 2 nights

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