The Teraszok 2016 success story continues…

In their front page article at, leading Hungarian wine blog Művelt Alkoholista sang praises of our Teraszok Furmint 2016 following the Furmint February tasting on 1st February in Budapest.

There are a mere 62 bottles left of this limited edition wine and now you can buy it from our wine shop in Mád or order it online at…/barta-oreg-kiraly-dulo-teraszok-fu…/


New findings about the history of the Király vineyard

A recently unearthed 17th-century litigation document shows that the parish of the town of Késmárk and the Saint Cross Convent of Lelesz in (then) Upper Hungary owned vineyards on Király Hill near Mád as early as 1280. It was a donation from the queen and re-validated under the House of Anjou in 1328… (OK, the photo below is not that old:), was taken in the late 1950s)

Teraszok 2016

Another lot of ours offered for sale at the 2017 Tokaj Wine Auction (the other one being a Szamorodni 2015): a dry Furmint, vinified from the grapes of the bush vines on the high terraces of our Öreg Király vineyard. Made in steel.

Pruning underway

The Öreg Király Vineyard on the morning of 15th February: pruning is now underway on the terraces and is expected to be completed in all our 10 hectares before the end of the month.

Floor area of temp-controlled fermentation room doubled

A quick relocation of a partition almost doubled the floor area of our temperature-controlled fermentation room in mid-January. Aging here are some of the 2016 lots that we tasted in-house on 11th to decide on blending and further treatment. Suffice it to say for now that they were very promising…