“If we cultivate the the vineyard in an environmentally friendly way, we should also make our wine the most natural, most traditional way possible”


We strive to preserve as best as possible both the appearance and soils of this exceptional land for future generations. As the land “slept through” the decades of unrestrained chemical use, the soils are still untouched today. During vine cultivation we use organic methods and make our wines with as little interference as possible and maximum cleanliness. In line with this approach we use spontaneous fermentation almost exclusively, trusting the natural yeasts found in the grapes and cellar to do their work. We would like our wines to reflect the unique qualities of their exceptional terroir: the land, vineyard orientation, weather conditions of the vintage and the character of those involved in making the wines – to present exclusive and unrepeatable lots.


Attila Homonna

Attila Homonna graduated from the Károly Róbert College as viticulturist and winemaker. After earning his diploma in winemaking, Attila expanded his experience and worked for several years for a Duoro winery in Portugal and a Languedoc winery in France. He established his own winery in Erdőbénye in 1999 and has been working for the Barta winery since 2008.

Károly Barta
estate manager

János Hajdú

Alexandrosz Takács
sales manager

Wine tasting

Borkóstolás. Fotó: Bakos Zoltán

You can taste our wines that are available on the market in the vaulted tasting room in our mansion, as well as visit our historic cellar. In some particularly good tastings older wines also appear from the cellar too.